Hello there! I am Daniela, a 25-year-old​ Argentinian and Colombian teacher who has a passion for language and teaching. I have been teaching English and Spanish for 4 + years and have met with thousands of students from all over the world! My style of teaching is fun, didactic and practical, as well as filled with patience and motivation.

Apart from helping thousands of students online, I am a gold medalist in Business Administration, wrote a winning bachelor´s thesis and am self taught front-end developer.  I have a deep passion for biotechnology and enviromentalism and am vegan aswell. In my free time I practice sports, read and learn.

I have participated in creative writing competitions and debates, this allows me to have an open mind and listen to all points of view, as well as being patient and understanding. I believe that learning has to be fun and enjoyable, that not only brings light into your life but a useful tool for your everyday.

About Me

What you can get...

Professional material and resouces

Rio-platense & neutral Spanish

Business & tech knowledge

Multi-cultural approach

Real life and practical experience









Kindness is at the root of what we do. We take every desicion, teach every class and communicate with the upmost respect and fairness to every single one of our students. Our aim is to build a safe enviroment that primes and nurtures a peaceful and fun learning experience.

We are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience that surpasses expectations and delivers measurable results. It is our goal to continuously improve and to produce the best products and provide the best services that we are capable of.

We work with students from any level, country, gender and background. Our goal is to break the linguistical barriers and form a community of language-loving individuals who want to foster learning and growing. This opportunity enriches us and furthers our understanding of the world.

We value transparency and trust, that is why we have a one on one business model where you can build a relationship with your tutor and expect honest and truthful feedback, to be liatened to when communicating your needs and expressing your feedback in an open-minded manner

You, the student, are your number one priority. We pride ourselves in our personalized teaching method that is created to maximize your potential and reach your own indivodual goals. We want to give you the tools and guide you through this journey to reach your goals.

We are passionate about sharing the beauty and richness of the Spanish language with our students. We believe that learning a language should be an exciting and immersive experience.We bring enthusiasm into the classroom, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment.


We prioritize language immersion and learning from real-life situations to provide an authentic language learning experience. Our lessons incorporate practical scenarios, dialogues, and role-playing exercises that simulate real-world interactions. By placing students in meaningful contexts, we enable them to apply their language skills and build confidence in everyday conversational situations.

We place a strong emphasis on conversation and speaking skills as a fundamental component of our methodology. Our lessons revolve around engaging in meaningful conversations, encouraging students to express themselves confidently and fluently. Through interactive discussions, role-plays, and practical exercises, we nurture their communication skills, pronunciation, and vocabulary expansion, enabling them to effectively communicate in real-life situations.

While our methodology prioritizes conversation, we recognize the importance of a solid foundation in grammar and theory. We supplement the conversational focus with targeted instruction on grammar rules and language structure. By providing clear explanations, examples, and practice exercises, we help students understand and apply the underlying principles that govern the Spanish language.


Assessment and Customization

The first step in our learning methodology is to assess each student's language level, goals, and learning preferences. Through comprehensive assessments and individual discussions, we gather valuable insights to create personalized lessons that cater to their specific needs. By customizing the curriculum, we ensure that every student receives a tailored learning experience that resonates with their unique requirements.

The R.I.S.E Method

We believe in simplicity and concreteness when teaching Spanish. Our lessons focus on breaking down complex grammar rules and language concepts into manageable, easy-to-understand explanations. By presenting information in a straightforward manner, we ensure that students grasp the fundamental aspects of the language without feeling overwhelmed.

Simple and Concrete Approach

Conversation and Speaking Skills

Theory and Grammar Support

Quizzes, Homework, and Daily Engagement

To reinforce learning and promote continuous progress, we incorporate quizzes, homework assignments, and encourage daily engagement with the language. Quizzes assess the student's comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar skills, providing valuable feedback on their progress. Homework assignments encourage practice and reinforce concepts learned in class. We ensure that students stay connected with the Spanish language on a daily basis.