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Start learning Spanish with our private Spanish lessons! Our lessons are designed to cater to all levels, from A1 to C2, so it doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner, intermediate, or a proficient speaker - we have something for everyone. We provide fun and engaging activities to help improve and expand on your Spanish vocabulary. Take your Spanish skills to the next level with our private Spanish lessons today!


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If you're looking for a reliable Spanish tutor, you've come to the right place! My name is Daniela and my goal is to help you sharpen your language skills and become a proficient speaker. I provide quality and engaging language lessons tailored to your needs, with flexible working hours and my unique feedback-oriented teaching. Let me help you reach your Spanish goals with earnest and enthusiasm.

"I really enjoy Daniela's approach to teaching . As it can be structured or flexible, she judges lesson by lesson meaning each session is something new, far from repetition of the same concepts . She also empowers you to solve things yourself and gently guides you towards success."


I’ve had classes with dozens of teachers in multiple platforms and have taken far more classes with Daniela than anyone else and continue to take classes with her. Why? She’s incredible. She’s always positive and energetic. Classes are always fun and interesting and she’s helped me to make tremendous improvements in my Spanish. Highly recommended.

-Vern, Physicist

Here's what our students say

Daniela has been an incredible help to me and she is a big reason as to why my conversational skills in Spanish have significantly improved. Her classes are very enjoyable and informative and I always come out of each lesson with a better understanding of the language.

- Ben, Software Engeneer

I love that Daniela always let's me know that I know more than I think! It's been one year and I have gained so much knowledge and confidence thanks to my persistent, compassionate and skilled teacher! Gracias por su atención, comprensión y ayuda.